How to build your social media network – Is Xplod the answer?

Need more followers on your Instagram? Xplod Social may just be the answer, or is it?

What is Xplod Social?

Xplod social is a web service designed to help you grow your social media presence by following other accounts in your particular niche then subsequently unfollowing them when a certain level of follows in a cycle is obtained.

The idea behind this is that for a particular number of follows you should get back a ratio of followers. For example: if you follow 100 accounts; you may get 20 followers. This ratio seems to be pretty consistent although other factors may influence this ratio such as the quality of your content etc.


Does it Work?

Now to the question everyone is asking and everyone wants to know. Does it work? Yes and no.

It works in the sense that you will definitely grow your social media presence ( I gained about 500 followers in about 4 weeks). Not to mention; these followers are indeed real, active followers (my account went from less than 200 views a week and 15 likes average per post to now yielding anywhere between 70 – 115 likes per post and 1200 views per week)

As you can see, a massive difference in a short space of time! Sounds too good to be true right? Well there is one downside; it is not location specific. Basically; I live in Australia, however the bulk of my audience is India. Not sure why this is but I’d love if I could ultimately reach people locally that I could potentially connect with down the road.



How much does it cost?

Now don’t have a heart attack when you read this! First of all; is it worth it? It depends.

Growing your social media through Xplod is going to cost you, and it ain’t cheap. Be prepared to cough up $28 a week if you live in Australia. But, because it is an American service; if you live in the U.S you get off lucky; paying $16 a week to grow your account. Are you prepared to pay this to grow your account?

Do this instead

There is always a better way of doing things, and Xplod is no exception. Instead of paying through the nose for a platform that guarantees followers but is not targeted; why not try to grow your media presence organically. Yes it will require more work but ultimately will lead to more engagement and a more targeted audience. Grow your social media naturally by implementing these techniques:

Post engaging content: Capturing your audiences attention is the bread and butter of creating a growing social media presence. Write engaging captions, take high quality photos and watch your engagement go up. As with everything, this will not occur overnight but persistently engage your audience and you will be well on your way to being top dog.

Use hashtags effectively: Hashtags help people find your posts on Instagram. There are a lot of popular cliche hashtags out there that achieve up to a thousand hits a second. Use these sparingly. Why? Because as soon as someone else uses that hashtag; your post is going to disappear in the pool just as quick as you post it. Instead, use imaginative hashtags to capture the audience that you wish to engage. Last, but certainly not least; do not overdo the hashtags. Your audience can see when you are trying too hard. Keep it to 5 – 15 relevant hashtags max.

Engage with your audience: It always gives me a warm fuzzy feeling when someone leaves a nice comment on one of my posts or comments on my progression. Do the same to others. Leave something nice on one of your audience members posts and you never know; they may return the favor and comment on one of yours or even refer others to your account ( This has personally happened to me). Engagement from you usually equals more engagement from others

My verdict

There are so many ways to organically grow your social media presence; with a few that I have touched on here. It doesn’t cost a cent to engage. Ultimately the choice is yours, but I know what I’d rather.